Rick’s Custom Welding has a Cosmichrome machine!

Cosmichrome spray chrome paint can be applied over any substrate that is of a porous material such as metals, wood,  plaster, urethane, foam, etc.

Applied with a conventional spray gun, the basecoat is made to stick to the surface and cause an immediate  reaction to the plating solution.

Our plating chemicals are water-based products designed to react upon contact with the basecoated substrate, producing a true metal reflective finish.

 Topcoat never changes color from sun exposure, and does NOT turn yellow like other competing products. 

 When the Cosmichrome Topcoat has dried, it gets very hard and remains  flexible. For this reason, Cosmichrome is often used in fields far from  more conventional ones. 

(Information from the Cosmichrome Website:


20 Different Colors to Choose From

With a wide array of colors that you can blend to create even more variety,  the Cosmichrome system makes it simple to give products an upscale look and feel simulating metals such as gold, brass, copper and bronze.


(Picture and information from the Cosmichrome Website: